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What Waldorf Means to Me

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."
                                           -William Butler Yeats

It's a way of bringing peace, beauty, art, nature, and reverence to my children. A way to educate them so that they enjoy learning, feel confident in what they can do, and are eager to learn and investigate.

My son has had a "Waldorf" lifestyle almost since birth. I am daily reminded of what this means to him and to my family.

He is often calling me to look at a spider. He finds spider webs in the most amazing places and they are always beautiful. His play is rarely violent. He loves knights, swords and dragons. He believes in fairies and waits eagerly for the fairy to bring him something.  Leave it to say that he is a child full of wonder and respect for others and for nature. He is a gentle soul.

My daughter wasn't as lucky. TV was a big part of her life for too many years.

But after finding Waldorf I convinced her that TV wasn't good for her brain and she understands that. She is imaginative, fanciful and often manic. She loves what we do in school, and if I don't present a subject in a traditional Waldorf format, she will often tell me it's boring!

So what Waldorf is to me is a way to educate my children and help manage my daughter's bipolar disorder with a curriculum that speaks to me and so to my children.

I bring them the beauty of Waldorf daily and it comes from deep in me.



How Waldorf Can Help Your Child

Waldorf Overview

"As a form of education that is truly holistic, concerning itself equally with the spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual sphere of the growing child, Waldorf is uniquely able to both prevent and address any difficulties a child might present. By seeing each person as a threefold human being comprised of thinking, feeling and willing and as being on a spiritual path of development."

                        -Donna Simmons
                         Joyful Movement

If you visit Christopherus Homeschool (Donna Simmons' website) you will find one of the best overviews I have seen of Waldorf. Donna has a wonderful way of describing Waldorf and it's essence.

Donna Simmons, owner of Christopherus Homeschool was educated in Waldorf schools, has homeschooled her two sons with Waldorf, and provides consulting and publications for homeschoolers. I highly recommend her site and her publications for Waldorf beginners and 'pros'.

The best book for quickly understanding Waldorf Education in the 21st century is Jack Petrash's book: Waldorf Education, Teaching from the Inside Out.




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