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An Ever Expanding List of Resources


Waldorf Education and Waldorf Homeschooling

Christopherus Homeschool -- Mentioned often on my site, Donna Simmons has extensive experience and resources on her site.
Waldorf In The Home-- Rahima Baldwin-Darcy's site covering a wealth of Waldorf issues, information on her conferences.
Wonder Ranch -- Lucie Smoker's site about Waldorf Homeschooling, very comprehensive
Millennial Child -- Eugene Schwartz' site, provides block rotations, and descriptions of material by grade as well as articles by Eugene
Waldorf Resources -- The website that came from the WE_HS list. Many good reviews and much, much information
Bob and Nancy's -- An excellent resource for information and hard to find books
Waldorf Family Network -- Mainly focused on New England Waldorfers, this site is helpful to everyone interested in Waldorf, excellent resources pages also.
Steiner Schools in Australia -- A site with information on Steiner schools in Australia as well as general Waldorf information
Waldorf World -- A listing of many, many Waldorf resources, in many different areas.
Non-Violent Communication and Waldorf -- John Cunningham's website devoted to Non-Violent Communication and Waldorf. If you ever have the chance to hear John speak grab it...he is great!
Mother-To-Mother Homeschool -- Unique homeschooling Waldorf-inspired curriculum and resources based on 8 years of hands-on experience. Offering lesson plans, CD/ROMs with beautiful pictures, puberty ceremonies, nutritional guidance and more.


Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy

Anthroposophical Society in America
Association for Waldorf Schools in North America (AWSNA)
Rudolf Steiner e.Links 

The Online Waldorf Library
Lilipoh-A magazine focused on health, wellness and Anthroposophy


Waldorf Curricula

Live Education! -- Known as one of the "true" Waldorf curricula for homeschoolers, beautifully written and illustrated.
Christopherus Homeschool -- Donna has put together several publications which I have found useful including her Waldorf Overview and her First Grade Syllabus
Oak Meadow -- A curriculum laid out for you day by day as to what to do when, not truly Waldorf
Paths of Discovery -- I have little experience with POD but have hear people who are very happy with their books.
Golden Beetle Books -- I don't have experience with these books but I wanted to include them as many people like them. The books go through high school.


Waldorf Online Support Groups

Waldorf at Home -- Donna Simmons' group, very active group
WE_HS -- The original Waldorf Homeschooling group. A very well-informed group of women (and men)
Waldorf Homeschooling--Special Needs -- My group which focuses on Waldorf homeschooling for special needs children


General Homeschooling

A-Z Home's Cool: A general homeschooling site covering any and all homeschooling subjects.


Homeschooling Supply Sources

Paper, Scissors, Stone
Mercurious -- An excellent source of supplies for your Waldorf homeschool, you must have a minimum order of $250 initially and $150 after that. Many people chose to co-op when they buy.
Waldorf Curriculum Supplies--Online Discussion Group -- Online discussion group where you can buy and sell used Waldorf curricula or products
Waldorf Exchange--Online Discussion Group -- Online discussion group where you can buy and sell used Waldorf curricula or products


Waldorf Products, Toys & Goodies

Bella Luna Toys -- Bella Luna Toys sells many Waldorf toys and craft kits
Magic Cabin Dolls -- Visit Magic Cabin Dolls to find a huge catalog of Waldorf friendly products and toys
Waldorf Shop -- A "Waldorf Mall" online listing many Waldorf suppliers of material, toys, and products


Bipolar Resources

CABF -- Childhood and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation: Information on childhood bipolar disorder, education, medication, finding a doctor, support groups, online chat, and much more.
Brainstorm: Your Pediatric Bipolar Info Source: A site by three moms covering many, many subjects about bipolar disorder in children. I moderated an online discussion group with one of the owners and found her to be one of the most informed moms I have ever known. She has been homeschooling for many, many years.
NAMI--The Nation's Voice on Mental Illness: Very good site with a lot of information on bipolar (both for adults and children). They also offer support groups in many different cities around the US.
The Bipolar Child: A website by the authors of The Bipolar Child, the number one resource for parents of children with bipolar disorder.



Websites For Unit Studies/Specific Subjects

Millstone Education: World Literature study units by grade. Wonderful site, $35 annual fee.
Living Math: Study math thorough history. A great way to study math. Online classes available, very thorough list of  books, online discussion group.



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