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You Will Face Obstacles Everywhere You Turn             

But don't be discouraged, homeschooling is building in it's popularity. Always remember, you know your child best....and you know what is best for your child.

 Expect obstacles such as:                                                                    

  • Psychiatrists: They are taught that children with bipolar need to be in school so that they can learn to socialize with children their own age. They have the common assumption that homeschooled children are isolated from other children.
  • Therapists: They are taught the same thing as psychiatrists, it's standard. But you will be seeing the therapist frequently so you need to make sure you can work with them.
  • Family: Many family members, especially grandparents may constantly question what you are doing and why. You may even find them giving your children "tests" at family functions "Johnny can you read what this box says?" "How much is 5 x 10?"
  • Spouses and Ex-spouses: I wouldn't recommend homeschooling a child, any child, without the approval of your spouse. Ex's may be less inclined to be able to exert their control, but they can be an annoyance. Some even take parents to court to insist on public or private school.
  • Friends: Your friends may or may not understand or approve of homeschooling. Rest assured, if you are steadfast in your resolve, others will see the value in what you are doing. You will also make new friends homeschooling.
  • The Public: Well, you may ask what does the general public have to do with it? The cashier at the grocery store may ask your child "Why aren't' you in school?". Just the other day the carpet cleaner guy (who I couldn't have cared less what he thought) began to question me about homeschooling.....how long will you do it, don't they need friends, etc., etc. He may not matter to me but I love to argue with people over this issue!

So what do you do? You prepare yourself for these obstacles and you decide who you are willing to try to convince that this is the right thing for your family. You decide if you want to argue with the psychiatrist or the therapist often over homeschooling or find a new doctor. Can you ignore your family? Can you convince your friends? Do you care about the public?

How I Deal With Comments and Questions

My Experience With Professionals

Our therapist (and she is "ours" not just my daughter's) fought me on homeschooling for a year or two. I stood fast to every objection she had.

And, even though she didn't agree with my homeschooling my daughter, she stuck with me. As I stood up to the professionals insisting that homeschooling was best and ignored every time they said "Well eventually she has to go to school.", my daughter's therapist watched and waited.

Now three years into this relationship with the therapist she is my biggest fan! She has fallen in love with Waldorf and has come completely around to believing that children with bipolar disorder should be homeschooled!

As far as the psychiatrists go, well the first on strongly objected to me homeschooling...I ignored him and we moved on anyway. Currently, our psychiatrist will mention that perhaps my daughter should go to school so I don't burn out or to get a break. I just remind him that I'm doing this for her (and me) so that she can have the education she needs.

You can win this battle....and more and more I hear of therapists and psychiatrists that approve of homeschooling.

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