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What is Therapeutic Homeschooling?

It's a term my husband devised for what I did: Blending Waldorf Education at home with managing my daughter's bipolar disorder; making sure that my daughter's education isn't undermined by her bipolar disorder; and insuring that she is successful in her daily endeavors as well as her yearly goals.

What does it require?

It also means managing binary option trade our household so that my daughter's bipolar disorder doesn't "rule the roost"! It means making sure that my son (her little brother) gets his share of attention, warmth and nurturing. And if you have a child with bipolar disorder, you can certainly understand how difficult this is.

In addition, it's managing a home, homeschooling, bipolar disorder, and ensuring we all get the nurturing, time, and love we need.

I hope you will find help, information, support and the belief that you can homeschool your child who is bipolar and give them an excellent education that will bring out the best in them.

Currently, my daughter is in a residential treatment center for her bipolar and attachment disorders. She is doing quite well, and I attribute that to the center and to all the hard work what is the best binary option trading platform I did homeschooling her. But most of all, I attribute it to her determination to get better. She is working hard on her therapy and on learning ways to cope with her feelings. She's a lucky kid, she's doing all this therapy early in life.....I waiting until I was quite a bit older.....

So, hard choices have been made and it turns out it was the best choice for her and for all of us. We are making it work and eager to see her continue to get better. We are also working at home to better ourselves and our parenting so that when she comes home we are all ready for a healthy, happy family.

Warmest regards,

Karen S. Petz

I would truly like to hear stories from other moms. If you would like to share, please email me at the link to your right. I will keep all identifying information binary trading confidential.

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